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Nippon Kodo Incense Rolls


Incense rolls are very popular in Japan. Here is a wide selection of Nippon Kodo fragrances packaged in this way.

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Nippon Kodo Incense Rolls

Various incenses packaged in rolls. A variety of scents, including some must-haves like Mainichi-Koh Viva Sandalwood. Zuiun, Kyara and Jinkoh Eiju agarwood incense, etc.

Available products and Nippon Kodo item codes:

  • Seiun
  • Mainichikoh Viva - Sandalwood #131
  • Mainichikoh Viva long - Sandalwood #103
  • Sagano
  • Tokusen Sagano
  • Jinkoh Eiju - Agarwood #98183R
  • Meikoh Shibayama - Spring Leaves #98310R
  • Usuzumi no Sakura - Cherry Blossom #98300R
  • Kyara Eiju - Superior agarwood #98184R
  • Byakudan Eiju - Sandalwood #98544R
  • Takasago Hana - Sandalwood #98580R
  • Tokusen Shibayama - Agar, cinnamon and spikenard
  • Zuiun - Agarwood # 98546R

Each roll contains between 18 and 35g of 14cm incense. Burns for approximately 30 minutes.

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