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Japanese Washi Incense Paper


Range of Washi Incense paper from Kunjudo. Traditional Japanese paper soaked in fragrances that burn like incense. Each box contains 30 small sheets and a metal clip.

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Washi Incense - Japanese Incense Paper

Less well known than incense sticks, incense paper is also made in Japan. It's the same principle as Papier d'Arménie, which is well known in Europe.

Washi Incense is made, as the name suggests, from traditional Japanese paper called Washi. This paper is made from natural fibres (often from the paper mulberry tree Broussonetia papyrifera).

This range of incense is produced by Kunjudo and offers particularly refined scents. There is a choice of five compositions:

Paper Incense nº 1: jasmine, coriander, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, etc.

Paper Incense nº 2: agarwood, patchouli, vanilla, frankincense, vetiver, etc.

Paper Incense nº 3: bergamot, tea tree, musk, amber, clove, vanilla, etc.

Paper Incense nº 4: sandalwood, cedar, eucalyptus, amber, patchouli, etc.

Paper Incense nº 5: cinnamon, clove, benzoin, ryunou (borneol or Borneo camphor), amber, etc.

Each box contains 30 paper strips with printed messages such as:

  • All the best
  • Cheer up!
  • Deep breath
  • Have a lovely day !
  • Take a break
  • Sweet dreams

Produced by Kunjudo Co. Ltd on the island of Awaji in Japan.

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