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Kunjudo Karin-Togetsu


Kunjudo's Karin-Togetsu incense has a gentle agarwood fragrance that sets it apart from incense sticks made from Chinese medicinal herbs. Boxes of 30g or 150g.

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Kunjudo Karin-Togetsu Japanese Incense

Karin Togetsu is a variation on the basic product of this famous brand, which has been producing quality incense on the island of Awaji since 1893.

Karin Togetsu is made from sandalwood, makko powder and natural fragrances. This incense has a sweet agarwood fragrance, which is distinct from incense sticks made from Chinese medicinal herbs. You'll love it if you're not too keen on Chinese herbal blends.

Other variants of this product exist: Karin, Tokusen Karin, Karin Kifune, Karin Hien or Karin Zuito.

Small 30g boxes or large 150g boxes, sticks 13.5cm long. Burning time approx. 25 minutes.

Produced by Kunjudo Co. Ltd on the island of Awaji in Japan.

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- Review added the Thursday 08 February 2024 by Didier G
Conforme au produit acheté précédemment au Japon
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