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Kunjudo Japanese Incense
Kunjudo Japanese Incense


One of the company's producers is still located on the island of Awaji, which is considered to be the 'birthplace' of incense in Japan. In fact, it was on this island, off the coast of Osaka, that a trunk of agarwood (Agallocha) is said to have washed up one day around 1500 years ago. The wood, burnt by the locals, is said to have enveloped the region in its scents, giving rise to the Japanese passion for this rare and now expensive wood.

Among Kunjudo's many products is the Karin range (Karin Kifune, Karin Togetsu or Tokusen Karin). Another must-have is the incense paper called Washi Incense, named after the traditional Japanese paper (Washi paper), blotting paper cut into strips and subtly scented, which are burnt like incense sticks.

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