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Kunjudo Furyu-Kajin incense - Boxes of 50 sticks
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Kunjudo Furyu-Kajin Incense


Japanese incense Furyu-Kajin with refined floral notes of linden blossom and orchid. Produced in Japan by Kunjudo. Boxes of 14 grams or 50 sticks of 95mm length.

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Kunjudo Furyu-Kajin incense

A range of incense that pays tribute to the art of calligraphy (Sumi). It is said that the calming effect of ink also comes from its fragrance.

Furyu-Kajin incenses combine the characteristic scent of ink with different plant fragrances that go well with it.

Scents available:

  • Linden: fresh lime scent
  • Orchid & Musk: orchid and musk fragrance
  • Fresh Green: green and herbaceous fragrance

Each box contains approx. 50 sticks 9.5cm long (approx.14g). Burning time: 20 minutes.

Produced by Kunjudo Co. Ltd on the island of Awaji in Japan.

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