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Baieido Shukohkoku Incense


Baieido's Shukohkoku incense is a blend of Vietnamese agarwood, Indian sandalwood, cassia, star anise, patchouli, cloves and other spices. Sticks of 14, 24 or 34cm.

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Baieido Shukohkoku Japanese Incense

This is a traditional incense in the purest tradition of the brand. A base of top-quality Indian sandalwood, agarwood (Aquilaria agallocha) from Vietnam, spices and herbs such as cassia (Chinese cinnamon), star anise (badian), patchouli, cloves and more.

Shukohkoku is available in 8g or 50g boxes of standard 14cm sticks, 75g boxes of long 24cm sticks and 75g boxes of extra-long 34cm sticks.

Shukohkoku are sometimes spelt in different ways: Syukohkoku, Shyukohkoku, Shukohkokou and so on. This is due to the sometimes random translation from the Japanese language, which is so different from our own.
The producer himself uses several spellings on his own publications...

Produced in Sakai City, Osaka, by Baieido.

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