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Baieido Japanese Incense
Baieido Japanese Incense

Baiedo Co., Ltd.

Baieido is one of Japan's legendary companies, and one of the oldest, having been producing incense in Osaka since 1657.

Baieido mainly produces traditional Japanese incense, using sandalwood from India and quality agarwood from various origins (mainly Indonesia and Vietnam). Some of the recipes have been handed down for centuries, and most often also include spices (cinnamon, cassia, cloves), Chinese plants, patchouli and other natural aromatic substances.

The brand's flagship product is Kobunbokou, with sandalwood and herbs from China, as well as its variations (Bikou Kobunbokou, Kaden Kobunbokou, etc.), the Shukohkoku range, Ensei, Jinkoya Sakubei and the famous, spicy 'lucky incense' Kai Un Koh with agarwood from Vietnam.

If you're unfamiliar with traditional Japanese incense, Baieido is certainly a brand to choose, even if you're just starting out in this fascinating world of tradition and craftsmanship.

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