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Baieido Excellent Incense


The Baieido "Excellent" incense range. Indian sandalwood, cassia, star anise, patchouli, clove, etc. Each type contains a different type of agarwood. Boxes of 20g and assortment of 70 sticks.

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Baieido Excellent Japanese Incense Range

This range of products is made up of some of Baieido's finest incense. A base of Indian white sandalwood (Santalum album or Mysore sandalwood), Chinese cinnamon (cassia), star anise (badiane), patchouli, cloves and other herbs.

In addition to this base, each product in the range contains a different variety of agarwood from Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam.

Boxes of 20 grams:

Baieido Excellent Kokonoe: agarwood from Indonesia

Baieido Excellent Houryu : agarwood from Thailand

Baieido Excellent Kunsho : agarwood from Cambodia

Baieido Excellent Koh En : agarwood from Vietnam

Baieido Excellent 5 Items

Special box containing 15 sticks of the 4 products described above plus 10 sticks of Baieido Excellent Kohshiboku containing superior quality agarwood from Vietnam called Kyara.

Produced in Japan

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