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Shoyeido Tamayura Japanese Incense


Shoyeido Tamayura. A range of "low smoke" Japanese incense that produces less smoke. A choice of five fragrances. Boxes of 45g and a small holder.

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Shoyeido Tamayura Japanese Incense

The incense sticks in the Tamayura Low Smoke Incense range emit 30% less smoke than traditional incense sticks, thanks to the use of special natural ingredients.

Five fragrances available:

  • Kyohiyori: A clean, refreshing fragrance reminiscent of a sunny breeze.
  • Kyonoume: Let yourself be enchanted by a soft, delicate fragrance.
  • Kyomatsuba: A fresh aroma reminiscent of pine.
  • Kyomurasaki: Soothing scent of aromatic wood, with a base of agarwood.
  • Kyonokumo: Elegant, mature fragrance of aromatic wood, agarwood base.

Net weight: 45g per box. Sticks are 9cm long and burn for around 15 minutes.

Produced in Kyoto, Japan by Shoyeido.

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