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Shoyeido Kyozakura Japanese Incense


Shoyeido Kyozakura or "Cherry Blossom". A Japanese incense with sandalwood, rhubarb, cloves, cinnamon, benzoin and spices. A natural quality product.

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Shoyeido Kyozakura - Cherry Blossom

Incense sticks made from natural substances without the use of perfumes or synthetic products.


An evocation of the cherry blossom season in spring (Sakura: ornamental cherry trees in Japan). A particularly popular time of year with the Japanese.

The main ingredients are sandalwood, rhubarb, cloves, cinnamon, benzoin and a mixture of spices.

Kyozakura (sometimes written Kyo-Zakura) is available in rolls of 35 long sticks (22cm) and boxes of 175 or 490 sticks 13.5cm long.

Burning time 30 minutes for the short sticks and 50 minutes for the long version.

Produced by Shoyeido in Kyoto, Japan.

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