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Shoyeido Japanese Incense
Shoyeido Japanese Incense


One of Japan's leading incense producers. The Kyoto-based company has been in business since 1705, making it one of the oldest. Needless to say, it's an ancient tradition and know-how that is carefully perpetuated by this company. Incense made from natural products, a wide range from traditional incense to more modern products. Like all Japanese producers, however old they may be, technology and innovation are never far away. Shoyeido has, for example, developed and patented a method of manufacturing that involves compressing the blends into sticks, as in the case of the Xiang-Do range.

Among the Shoyeido incenses that cannot be ignored are Kinkaku, Kyozakura, Gozan, Kyonishiki, Hoyei-koh and Daigen-Koh.

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