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Shoyeido Japanese scented powders - Shoyeido Johin, Gokuhin y Tokusen
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Japanese Perfumed Powder - Shoyeido


Shoyeido incense powders, known as Zukoh in Japan, are not burnt but rather used as a body fragrance. Three blends available here: Johin, Gokuhin and Tokusen.

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Shoyeido Johin, Gokuhin and Tokusen Japanese Incense Powders

These incense powders are used as body perfume. Traditionally used to improve consciousness and clarity, purify the body and ward off evil spirits. Often used by the Japanese to go to the temple.

These powders are traditional blends containing ingredients such as sandalwood, cinnamon, cloves, borneol and various spices.

Instructions for use:
Apply a small pinch of powder to the earlobes, back of the hand or wrists, as you would a perfume.

Net weight: 15g

Produced in Kyoto, Japan, by Shoyeido.

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