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Shoyeido Low Smoke incense


Shoyeido Low Smoke Daily Incense. A range of low-smoke Japanese incense. Four fragrances to choose from, boxes of 165 sticks.

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Shoyeido Low Smoke Japanese Incense

The master blenders at Shoyeido have designed these scents to accompany any occasion with a spiritual and fragrant nuance. The incense sticks in the Daily Low Smoke range emit 30% less smoke than traditional incense sticks, thanks to the use of special natural ingredients.

Four fragrances available:

  • Madoka: A gentle blend with a sweet, comforting accent. With sandalwood, cinnamon and herbs.
  • Honoka: A fine blend of sandalwood, frankincense (Boswellia resin) and herbs, specially formulated to produce less smoke.
  • Kasumi: A subtly bitter sandalwood fragrance blended with high-quality herbs and spices.
  • Oboro: Sandalwood, camphor and herbs make up this special incense blend.

Each box contains 165 sticks measuring 13.5cm in length and burning for around 30 minutes.


Produced in Kyoto, Japan by Shoyeido.

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