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Gyokushodo Sofu Black Tea Japanese Incense - Box of 9 grams
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Gyokushodo Sofu Japanese Incense

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Gyokushodo Sofu is an incense with a light, refreshing fragrance reminiscent of the aroma of black tea. Makko, charcoal, cloves and spices. Box of 9 grams.

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Gyokushodo Sofu Japanese Incense

These incense sticks diffuse a light, refreshing fragrance reminiscent of tea leaves. It emits less smoke, making it suitable for use in closed rooms.


Raw materials: makko powder, charcoal powder, cloves and spices.

Sticks 13.8cm long, net weight 9g, burn time approx. 35 minutes.

Produced in Osaka, Japan, by Gyokushodo Co, Ltd.

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