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White sandalwood fine powder, net weight: 20g
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White Sandalwood Powder 20g

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Indian white sandalwood powder, Santalum album. Fine powder for burning alone or in mixtures. Sachet of 20 grams.

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White Sandalwood Powder


White sandalwood is one of the most precious woods in the world. Used in Ayurvedic medicine or for embalming in ancient Egypt, this wood has been appreciated for thousands of years for its sweet and sensual fragrance.
In the East, sandalwood is used in funeral ceremonies (cremations in India, for example), to lead the soul into the next life. With sandalwood, deep states of relaxation occur on a spiritual level. Burning sandalwood can benefit healing work by promoting a deeper state of relaxation in the healer, thereby increasing spiritual energy.
Sandalwood also relaxes the heart and throat chakras. It stimulates clairvoyance, helps to see past lives, heal, cleanse, protect and soothe the mind.
Mix it with incense (olibanum resin or Boswellia) and burn it during sessions and full moon rituals for example.


Latin name: Santalum album
Origin: India
Net weight: 20 grams

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