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Mainichi Byakudan Premium Sandalwood


Nippon Kodo's Mainichi Byakudan incense is composed mainly of high-quality Indian sandalwood and medicinal plants. Available in long sticks or in a gift box.

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Nippon Kodo Mainichi Byakudan Premium Sandalwood

Mainichi Byakudan incense is a blend of premium Indian sandalwood and a mixture of medicinal plants. This is a particularly refined incense from the Nippon Kodo brand, which also recommends it for meditation.

Sandalwood is said to bring calm to people's minds.

Products available:

  • Gift box containing a ceramic holder and 60 short sticks 5.5cm long and 2mm in diameter with a burning time of approximately 15 minutes (manufacturer code: #551).
  • Box of 120 sticks, 21 cm long, with a very fine diameter of around 1 mm and a burn time of around 60 minutes (manufacturer code: #529).

A quality incense, produced in Japan by Nippon Kodo.

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