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Kunjudo Japanese Printed Incense


Printed incense paper. Incense series on traditional Japanese themes such as culture, traditions or famous places. Seven incense papers and a special mat.

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Printed Japanese Incense Paper

These series of incense produced by Kunjudo highlight themes from everyday Japanese life, its culture or its emblematic places. Daruma good luck charms, Mount Fuji, temples or historic buildings, etc.

These incenses are burnt like sticks: simply light the paper, blow out the flame and let it burn to release its fragrance. A small mat made of special fireproof felt is supplied with each batch.

  • Koto-No-Fuzei: Famous historical places. Sandalwood fragrance.
  • Fuji-Yama: The famous snow-capped Mount Fuji. Relaxing fragrance.
  • Daruma: Famous lucky charm representing Bodhidharma. Japanese fragrance

Produced in Japan by Kunjudo on the island of Awaji.

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