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» » Genuine Dragon Blood from Socotra 20g
Dragon's blood from the island of Socotra in Yemen. Pure and guaranteed resin.
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Genuine Dragon Blood from Socotra 20g

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Socotra Dragon Blood in pieces or powder, for fumigation of love and money. Drives away negative energies and protects from magical influences.

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Real Dragon Blood Resin from Socotra


In voodoo, dragon blood is a substance used in magic rituals to attract money or love.
In the West, dragon's blood is primarily used for its energy purification properties, as dragon's blood is supposed to protect against negative energies and prevent magical influences.

This resin is guaranteed pure and unadulterated, originating from the island of Socotra, an archipelago located in the south of the country.


Country of Origin: Yemen, Socotra Island
Scientific Name: Dracaena cinnabari
Net weight: 20g

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