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Spruce Resin 40g

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Common spruce (Picea abies) resin from France. Available in pieces or in powder and fragments. Natural resin for fumigation. Sachets of 40g net.

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Spruce Resin

Resin extracted from the common spruce, a tree found in the forests of Central Europe (Alps), Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Although this tree is readily available, its resin is not one of the easiest to obtain.

The resin is clean, dry and not very sticky. Large chunks that have to be broken up to be burnt on charcoal pellets. The batches available are made up of medium to large pieces or batches of powder and fragments.

Botanical name : Picea abies
Part of the plant used : Dried resin
Country of origin : France
Packaging : 40-gram sachet

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