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Large bundle of white sage Salvia Apiana from the USA, 22cm long, weighing approximately 100 to 110g
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California White Sage 100g/22cm

Reference -1134-L

California white sage or Salvia apiana, large 22cm bundle weighing an average of 100g (often between 100 and 120g). Particularly effective and easy to use. For your purification fumigations.

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White Sage Large Bundle 22cm


Large bundle of California white sage (Salvia apiana) weighing 100 grams or more and 22 cm long.


These white sage sticks are very easy to use. Simply light one end and move around the house, or pass the bundle around the people or objects to be purified.

When you've finished fumigating, place the bundle in a bowl and let it burn out. Large faggots can be used several times; simply extinguish them thoroughly after each session.

These very large 22cm bundles can be used to purify very large volumes.

Product images and string color may vary from one shipment to another. The net weight of these models is advertised at 100g, but in reality it is often well in excess of this, reaching 110-120g.

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