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Abalone Shells


Abalone shells are traditionally used as a censer for white sage and other Native American plant fumigations.

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Abalone Shells for Fumigation

These shells are traditionally used by North American tribes (where they are called Abalone) for fumigating plants.

They are particularly useful for fumigating sage sticks or any other bundle of plants (Yerba santa, black sage, blue sage, etc.) as well as for fumigating Palo Santo sticks.

These natural shells can be collected from all over the world. These shells originate from Mexico. They come from a type of marine snail and their inner side, covered with mother-of-pearl, is generally smooth and shiny and offers beautiful coloured reflections.


The abalone shell, as incense burners, represents the water element, the sage (mugwort, tobacco, sweetgrass, etc.) represents the earth element, the flame that lights the incense the fire element and the feather used to activate the combustion the air element.

Please note that you will not be able to fumigate these shells with charcoal pellets as they are not suitable for this purpose.

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